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What are items?


When you are the guide (or shaman), you have some objects that allow you to help your friends. These objects are varied, and can enable you to build original things when you combine them with each other. It’s your turn to discover them, and to show creativity when you use them.

Here, you can see all the objects. They are located in a list, at the bottom-right corner of your screen when you are shaman. However, this list is not always complete : Some objects aren't available on some maps, and it can make the shaman's work harder. For more details, please check As a Shaman,
ou encore les Rules.

Note: The use of objects is linked to several keyboard shortcuts. It's very useful to know them, and to use them, for a better efficiency when you are shaman. You can find them on this page.

Miscellaneous items

[p]A very special item that the shaman always has : The spirit.
It can help you push the mice and the objects around you. However, it can also push yourself if you're too close to it. You can use it to jump higher, or to help the mice jump to high platforms. You can also use it to push away objects (or mice) in the way.


The arrow has no effect on the game, it just lets the shaman specify a location for the mice.


The ball... is a ball. On some maps, it explodes after a few seconds. You can use it to annoy (or to amuse) your mice.


The Transformice balloon is inflated with helium: It floats and raises the objects it encounters. However, it does not raise mice, therefore it’s impossible to climb over.


The rune is a magical force that slowly but surely moves in the direction in which it was invoked. Its movement is perpetual, so it presses on anything it encounters. However, if it tilts, the direction of movement changes accordingly. As a transparent object, it does not come into contact with mice.


8 8
These objects are portals. They are not available on all the maps. Blue is used “an entry”, and orange, as an “exit” (however these names are stupid, because both portals have exactly the same function, and have as a difference only their color). You can place them where you want, in a close perimeter (like the other objects), and you can place blue or it orange in first, that does not change anything. When a mouse enters a portal, it arises by the other. Thus, you can “teleport yourselves” of a place with another, if the chamane placed the two gates.

Anchors and engines

Anchors and engines do not appear in the list of items, but they are very important and useful.

1[p]Pressing B, you put a red joint : It's the only joint that attaches objets to the background. Can only be put on planks.


Pressing C, you put a yellow joint : It attaches items to each other. You'll have to press C serveral times to choose the joint place.


Pressing V,you put a blue or green joint : It's like the yellow one but looser. You'll have to press V serveral times to choose the joint place.


Pressing N, you put an engine : It is a blue joint, just like V but it's motorized so it spins on its own. You'll have to press N serveral times to choose the joint place.



Planks are very useful to make bridges and to raise mice. There are a small and a large one.


The trampoline is not available on every map, but it’s very useful (and sometimes even funny). It makes you jump, higher and higher at each bounce. Be careful not to fly away from the map.


3 [p]Crates are primarily used for construction, and for securing elements on the map. Sometimes they’re used to raise mice. There is a small and a big one, with different weights.


Anvils are like crates, but much heavier. (It replaced a heavy crate.) You can use it to secure elements on the map, or to weigh down a plank. They’re also used to block the other objects.



A cannon ball. The arrow inside indicates the direction in which it will be projected. The direction doesn’t change, even if you make it turn. They are animated by a unique and powerful force. They can destroy constructions or push mice in a gap. Note: Some bullets are not available on all the maps.

Maps elements


Bombs appear randomly on some maps. They explode when they touch an object or a mouse, and push them away from the map. Must be careful...


Some maps have a green platform... It's because they have a slope. Wooden platforms are always flat.


Some maps have a wooden platform.


These things are very aggressive, and push you away as soon as you touch them.


These platforms are like ice blocks. You slide when you're on them. Be very careful, and walk slowly. You can move them when they are just standing on normal platforms, but you can’t WJ on them.


These platforms look muddy and make it very difficult to advance. Therefore it’s easier to jump forward at every step. When you are carrying cheese, you can barely advance. WJ against this surface is much simpler, because you stick easily.


These platforms are just like trampolines ! Enjoy. :p

Items that no longer exists and "Poisson" items

To see the list of items that have been disabled and "Poisson" items, which sometimes appear in the game due to cheaters, check out that page.